Oregano Oil as a Powerful Antiseptic and Antibiotic

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Use Oregano Oil as a Powerful Antiseptic and Antibiotic.

Many studies have already been performed confirming the effectiveness of oil of oregano in eliminating harmful germs. The internet has thousands of articles listing Oregano Oil as a natural powerful antiseptic and antibiotic. Oregano Oil is antibacterial and antimicrobial.  Remember that these are real scientific studies that prove that Oil of Wild Oregano is the ultimate natural antibiotic!


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Oregano Oil Research

There are over 800 studies referencing carvacrol in PubMed alone. PubMed is the world’s #1 database for scientific evidence-based literature. There are also many more evidence based studies on the medicinal properties of Oregano Oil. These studies confirm that oregano oil can be used instead of harmful antibiotics as a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic.

R.Mitchell, M.D., observed the amazing action of Super Strength formula Oregano Oil against drug resistant bacteria when they plated the most deadly bacteria MRSA in a petri dish. The results were that Wild Oregano Oil totally destroyed this germ.

Oregano Oil is being used to treat MRSA – Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus infection. A team of Indian and British researchers found that Oregano Oil has strong antibacterial properties that can kill this deadly superbug. A team of researchers from a UK university has discovered that the essential oil of Himalayan oregano has strong antibacterial properties and even kills the hospital superbug MRSA. They hope that these findings will lead to the development of hand soaps and surface disinfectants in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Further tests found that the oregano oil was more effective at killing MRSA than 18 antibiotics. See the full article here: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/130620.php

There was research conducted at Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D.C., by professor, Harry Preuss, M.D. This research revealed that low concentrations of Origanum Vulgare essential oil inhibited the growth of Staphylococcus bacteria as effectively as Streptomycin, Penicillin and Vancomycin (considered the strongest of all synthetic antibiotics). His research also demonstrated that Origanum Vulgare essential oil inhibited the growth of Candida Albicans as effectively as Amphotericin and Nystatin.

Oregano Oil is the Premier Natural Antiseptic

Dr Cass Ingram, D.O., writes in his book “The Cure is in the Cupboard”. “Oil of Wild Oregano is the premier natural antiseptic.  It possesses vast microbial-killing powers.  Every microbe against which it is tested succumbs to it.  Uniquely, there is no tendency for microbial resistance.  It is the premier of all natural antiseptics.  It is such an effective antiseptic that it cannot be matched either in the synthetic or natural arena in terms of its ability to kill a wide range of microbes”.

Wild Oregano

The Natural News discusses Oregano Oil as the most powerful  antiseptic and antibiotic that is plant derived. You can view this page here.

Another Oil which is showing success in killing MRSA is Thyme Oil.  Other botanical oils such as Geranium and Tea Tree Oil are thought to be helpful in fighting resistant staph. Click here to see the full article.


My own experience using Oregano Oil as a powerful antiseptic.

My partner gave his son some Oregano Oil to prevent his nasty motorcycle injury from getting infected.  We live in the tropics so infections are a big concern. 

As a result, his injury healed beautifully and as an added benefit, his acne (that he had for many years) cleared up.

My own experience using Oregano Oil as a powerful antibiotic.

A few years ago a very close friend of mine had terminal cancer.  He was constantly in and out of hospital having had many operations. 

As a result, he contracted MRSA. The antibiotics he was given were the most powerful and expensive and still did not work.  It was a flesh-eating strain and was doing a lot of damage to his face. Sorry, but I can’t display any photos as they are horrific.

Unfortunately, he didn’t believe in natural cures and thought Oregano Oil was only for witch doctors and so he would not use it himself.

I was concerned about having this bacteria on my skin as I was with him every day in and out of hospital.

While he was in ICU, my doctor tested my skin which resulted positive for MRSA. 

I made up a mix of coconut oil, tea tree oil and oregano oil to use as a protective barrier. I would have a shower before going to the hospital and again when I got home from the hospital.  While my skin was still wet from the shower, I would apply this mixture to my whole body, rub it in, then towel dry. This left a fine film of the mix on my skin. 

I did this while he was in ICU and then had my skin retested and to the doctors surprise, the results came back negative for MRSA. 

Not only did my blend work as a protective barrier against MRSA, it actually got rid of it!

Have you experienced using Oregano Oil as a powerful antiseptic and antibiotic?

Marion Gray

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