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Below is a Testimonial from Woody who has given me permission to publish his journey using Oregano Oil to treat Herpes, as he believes there are hundreds of millions of sufferers of HSV Type 2 around the world.

My Current Signs:

Target-Lesions as in photos shown

Blisters between toes and between fingers

Swelling of lymph nodes

Herpetic eye disease

Blisters on my genitals

My Current Symptoms:

Severe head aches

Genital pain and burning

Itchiness and pain from the lesions



Depression by the fact that none of my prescription meds could help me and therefore have been stopped by my doctor without leaving me any alternative.

Feedback day 1:

Wed 19th March 14

Applied Super Strength Oregano Oil topically at 5pm to about 35-40 lesions all over my body.    I chose 1:12 drop mixture of Oregano Oil to Extra virgin olive oil, much stronger than the recommended.  It didn’t burn my skin but I recommend to stick with the recommended 1:35 mixture.  Two small areas were affected with a light burning sensation.  The overall effect after 4

hours after topical application was sensational.   My approach was to test some sensitive areas first very — early in the treatment to find out if I would develop a rash to the Oregano Oil.  A rash was not present.

I deliberately left some areas untreated to monitor the difference.   The
immediate results are as follows:

Blisters treated stopped weeping and started to dry up.  The symptomatic itching sensations due to the “target lesions” dropped to 5% of the normal
(expected) value. Untreated areas continued to weep fluid and itch without any sign of drying up.

More soon, Woody

Feedback Day 2:

20th March 2014

Hi Marion, Just a very short note. 

Oregano oil for HSV type 2

The Oregano Oil is helping beyond belief.  I had comments from Norway and Canada.  People find it hard to believe .  Tomorrow I have the photos to show you.  My mixture is 3.5 ml of extra virgin cold pressed olive oil into 12 drops of your Oregano Oil (Super Strength).  That is a very strong mix for topical application but it only burns on open lesions which are already starting to dry up and heal.  Today I started the spinal treatment, will tell you more soon.

This oil is a winner. Woody

Feedback Day 3:

21st March 2014

Hi Marion,

It’s day three of the treatment and the results using your Oregano Oil are phenomenal.  I cannot sent you photos today because there is no one at my side to take them.   The lesions seem to disappear one by one.  I upped the
mixture to 3.4 to 3.5 ml of cold pressed olive oil to 15 drops (up from 9 to 12 to 15 over three days) of your Oregano tincture since my skin is not burning anymore.  My skin is healing.  Blisters are drying up.   I have not had any internal intake yet through the digestive system.  My approach was “topical application only” for the time being.   I have also started topical application to my spinal column where the virus hides.  I guess we will wait and see.  Iterim results are promising.

Many thanks,  Woody

Feedback Day 4:

24th March 2014

Hi Marion,

Just letting you know that the results are spectacular.  Lesions are fading at an incredible rate and much of the skin I “lost” due to the virus is growing back rapidly.  The ratio is still 24 ml of cold pressed olive oil to 15 drops from your oil because the skin is still broken in places and anything stronger “burns”.

My gf is not here today so I will update you with photos of my incredible recovery very soon.


Feedback on 25th May 2014

Hi Marion,

I am using oregano oil for two things.  BTW I am into the second bottle you sent right now.

HSV-2 virus caused the lesions and the virus is said to be non-curable.  The meds and drugs did not help me at all so I read somewhere that the oregano oil next to it’s many other properties it’s “anti-viral”.   I heard that the virus hides inside the spinal cavity and attaches itself to the nerves all the way up into the many layers of the skin, where it causes trouble.   I made the following observations;

1)   The application of the oil to the skin accelerates the healing process of the so-called “target lesions” also called “iris lesions” associated with HSV-2.

2)   The oil seems to “arrest” new outbreaks applied straight to the newly forming lesions

3)   Applying the oil onto the skin directly over my spinal column has proven beyond doubt that the oil is pain relieving with regards to associated spinal complications I do suffer between vertebrae Lumbar1 to L5 and Sacral1.

The inflammation in my lower back is caused by 5 bulged disks, one dislodged disk and a bone-spur called hypertrophic facet arthrosis.   The pain was so strong that I travelled to Europe in 2013 in a wheel chair seeking options for surgery.  As long as my friend applies the oil to my lower back regularly, I am almost completely pain free in my lower back area.  This phenomenon actually arrived as a side effect of the oil.  I ran tests.  No oil, pain is back.  Oil on, pain is gone.   It’s a good natural alternative to have cortisone steroid needles injected into my spine which helped me for a few hours or days only… or alternatively having surgery in Australia which means fusing parts of my spine including the risk of having no results or worsening.

4)  I put the oil into my candle-light oil vaporizer and it helps me with asthma I contracted from using too much Voltaren super strength pain relieving emu gel (anti-inflammatory).  This side effect of Voltaren was quoted on the packaging-leaflet sold with the Voltaren medication ( this gel is being externally applied).   I never had asthma in my life but now I do! and the oil is beneficial to the health of my airways when inhaling the oil.  

I am very happy with the product.  I think the fact that your oil is possibly beneficial to many people suffering severe chronic back pain and increases mobility is a fantastic result for a little research, feedback and possible publication.    I am already telling my friends about it.   

Thanks for the help, Woody

Woody’s update & results in August 2016

I was seriously ill with HSV and diagnosed with the genital version of Herpes which I contracted from an infected woman not telling me.   I was brutally struck down with horrific target lesions covering all over my body, massive headaches and nausea and disgusting infection of my genitals.   Swabs were made and sent to the lab and resulted in confirmation of what the doctor said.

I kept a list of the other signs and symptoms as well,  but the ones listed above were the most severe.   I was told that there is no cure.

I developed a “protocol” to use the oil and I was cured after several months.  This was many years ago.   There was no reoccurrence of the disease.    The doctor finally cleared me of the disease said I don’t have HSV any longer.   The virus is no longer in my body and not just gone into remission.

Thanking you for your kind help in the past.

Woody’s update and results in May 2019

Hi Marion,

My titer level is so high I do no longer get any signs or symptoms.
The recent blood count says
HSV Typ 1 positiv, titer level 26.0! (Meaning that I no longer get sick from HSV 1).
HSV Typ 2 negativ,  titer level <0.5

I no longer get sick from HSV 1.  HSV 2 is negative. I had a cold sore once or twice in 7 years and I put the oil straight on.  It does not flare up and the tingling (lips) disappears in 2 days.  There is no swelling or blisters.

Kind regards, Woody

Below is the Super Strength Oregano Oil that Woody used to cure his HSV. The Fractionated Coconut Oil is just a carrier oil to dilute the oregano oil down. Woody used extra virgin olive oil to dilute his mix.

Marion Gray

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