Can I give my dog Oregano Oil?

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Oregano Oil for Dogs

Can I give my dog Oregano Oil?

Yes you can give your dog Oregano Oil if it is the true Oil of Oregano as it need to contain carvacrol to be of any benefit at all to your dog.

Aside from people using oregano oil for centuries, farmers all over the world have been using oregano oil in their animal feed.

They mix it in the animal feed for chickens, Pigs, Sheep, cattle, horses and so on!

It’s been the natural anti-biotic before the drug companies came out with their un-natural version.

The use of Oregano oil for dogs is increasing in popularity as it is a natural product.

Oregano oil is commonly used to aid with conditions like candida, all types of viral infections and common bugs like Salmonella and E. coli that may affect dogs.

How much to give and what can it do for my dog?

The link below provides the amount of dilution of oregano oil with extra virgin coconut oil or good quality olive oil. It also provides a wealth of information on how it can help your dog.  Here is the link:


The article mentions that Oregano Oil can fight parasites. There is an essential oil blend called Digestzen that can also fight parasites. Apply to the paws of your animals. This may be a handy oil to keep in your cupboard as it has many other uses. Click here to find out more.

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