Lemon Essential Oil

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15ml Bottle of Lemon Essential Oil. Lemon Essential Oil one of the most popular oil because of its many uses and benefits. Cold pressing the lemon rinds preserves its potent properties and delicate nature.  It is well known as a aromatic and internal cleanser for the body as well as a non-toxic household cleanser.  Diffusing Lemon Essential Oil cleanses & purifies the air and surfaces, is very uplifting, energizing and improves mood.  Adding a couple of drops to a glass of water can provide cleansing and digestive benefits and supports healthy respiratory functions.

2 reviews for Lemon Essential Oil

  1. Khim Mills

    Love this oil. One drop in my drinking bottle, my water tastes refreshing and keep me alert when I’m driving long distance.

  2. crystal neal

    I use the lemon essential oil for a number of different things but my favorite would have to be using it as a natural cleaning\disinfectant for my house, iv been using it in my house as a cleaning product mixed with a couple of other natural ingredients and it leaves my house clean and smelling so fresh, perfect for keeping them harmful chemicals and toxins away from my little one, I also love adding the lemon essential oil to my drinking water as a natural liver detox.

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