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Oregano Oil – Peppermint Flavour – 3 bottles

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Save on shipping costs by buying 3 x 30ml bottle of Peppermint Oil of Oregano. Try the Peppermint flavoured oregano oil if the original is to spicy!

Oregano Oil from Turkey, Mountain Grown Wild Mediterranean Origanum Vulgare and high in natural Carvacrol


Purchase Peppermint Oregano Oil x 3 bottles and save on Shipping

Purchase Peppermint Oil of Oregano online in Australia.

3 x 30ml bottles of Peppermint Oregano Oil.

Save on shipping cost by purchasing 3 x bottles of Peppermint Oregano Oil

Peppermint Oregano Oil from Turkey, Mountain Grown Wild Mediterranean Origanum Vulgare and high in natural Carvacrol (major component in Oil of Oregano). Is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. It is the real Origanum Vulgare and is easy to administer.

  • ECO Certified 100% Organic Food Grade
  • Assayed to contain 77% Carvacrol
  • Yielding approx 44.06mg of Carvacrol per Serving of 4 Drops
  • Certified 100% Origanum Vulgare Species
  • Extra Strength Formula with Organic Peppermint Oil

Not all oregano varieties or oils are equal. The effectiveness of the Wild Mediterranean species is unparalleled. This particular species has a unique balance of compounds, which work together synergistically.

Many of the Oil of Oregano available commercially are derived from cheap non-oregano species such as Oil of Oregano made from Spanish plants (Thymus Capitus), and Mexican plants (Lippia Graveolens).

Suggested Use: Take1 to 4 drops sublingual or add in water or juice daily.  If you can’t handle spicy things, place the drops into empty gel capsules available at most health food shop of chemists.

1 review for Oregano Oil – Peppermint Flavour – 3 bottles

  1. Tess

    Hi bought 3 oregano peppermint oil and spoke to you last year. Really good and helps a lot… when I’m having a massage and mix with base oil and my Dad uses it too and he had a stroke. My friend had a sore throat he almost lost his voice, he used it and he called me to let me know what an awesome oil. Will recommend it. Thanks Tess

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