Oregano Oil in Australia

Australian Made Oregano Oil – No Such Thing

“Australian Made Oregano Oil” is a very misleading statement.

True Oregano Oil is NOT made in Australia.  It comes from the mountains of Turkey where the main active ingredient called carvacrol is at its highest levels.

Some companies advertise their oregano oil as Australian made.

Anyone can claim that a product is Australian made if the goods have undergone their last substantial transformation in Australia.

This is extremely misleading as some companies simply blend their imported oregano oil with Australian olive oil.  This minor change is enough to claim ‘Australian Made’.


BTW… true oil of oregano must be diluted with olive oil as it is illegal to sell undiluted.  If it is classified as Oregano Essential Oil, it doesn’t need to be diluted.  But good luck getting an analysis report for an essential oil.

100% percent Australian Made Oregano Oil

Some companies go so far as to claim 100 percent Australian Made.  I would really appreciate if someone could explain how this is not an illegal claim.  It seems that you can put anything on the internet and get away with it.

I have included a screenshot below from the ACCC website regarding the Australian Consumer Law on ‘Made In’ claims.

Australian made oregano oil. Made in Australia claims from ACCC

Misleading or incorrect labels

It is illegal for a business to make a claim that goods were grown, produced, made or packed in a particular country when this was not the case.

If you see a claim that you think is misleading or does not comply with the law, you can make a consumer complaint.

Make a consumer complaint