Oregano Oil in Australia

Real Oregano Oil

Beware of companies claiming the following:


Oregano Oil with a High Carvacrol Content

BEWARE of companies that claim to have Oregano Oil with a high Carvracrol content. Before you buy, ask to see the Analysis Report from their latest batch of Oregano Oil. I

Latest Oregano Oil analysis report

Oil of Oregano Analysis Report

have done this and not one company replied or was able to supply the report.
Please view my latest analysis report here.

Certified Organic and NON-GMO

The same goes for companies displaying Organic and NON-GMO labels. Any one can display logos. Before you buy your bottle of Oregano Oil, ask to see the Organic Certification.
Please view by ECO Cert for proof of 100% Certification.

Australian Made Oregano Oil

There is no such thing as Australian Made Oil of Oregano. The real Oregano Oil is extracted from a true wild, mountain grown Mediterranean Oregano species called Oreganum Vulgare. If the Oregano Oil doesn’t come from there, then it’s not the

Oregano Oil Organic certification

Organic certification

real Oregano Oil. What companies are doing is blending a ratio of Australian olive oil with imported Oregano Oil. Usually a ratio of 4:1 – 4 four Olive Oil to 1 one Oregano Oil. This ratio makes the main ingredient Australian and allows the company to claim it is Australian Made Oregano Oil.

Beware of over dilution

Many companies claim to have high Carvacrol levels, but they dilute their Oil of Oregano so much that you wind up buying mostly olive oil. Look at the list of ingredients; if olive oil is listed first then the product contains more olive oil then Oil of Oregano. FDA requires that the ingredients be listed in order of predominance, with the ingredients used in the greatest amount listed first.

You must also make sure it’s from Turkey, Mountain Grown Wild Mediterranean Origanum Vulgare and high in natural Carvacrol (major component in Oil of Oregano). It must be free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, it must be the real Origanum Vulgare and it should be easy to administer.

Remember that the Origanum Vulgare species is found only in Turkey and one island of the coast of Greece. NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD! Many other species may have a higher carvacrol level but if it is not the Origanum Vulgare species then we are comparing apples to oranges.

This is the Real Oreganum Vulgare!

Every batch of our Oil of Oregano has been through a complete component analysis at an independent laboratory. Every batch will vary slightly in the Carvacrol content so we make the results available to you so you know exactly what you are buying.