Oregano Oil for Killing Parasites

Oregano Oil for Killing Parasites

Use Oregano Oil for killing parasites.  Oil of Oregano is a strong anti-parasitic and is extremely effective at eliminating parasites in humans. The predominant healing compound, carvacrol, is the most important component of oregano oil’s potency. Use two to three drops of oregano oil in an empty gel capsule, water or juice and drink this three times a day.

The key element is carvacrol the primary component, with small traces of thymol, linalol and about seven others make up the “fungicidal and worm-expellant properties” of oil of oregano”. These phenols will constitute 100% of (the oil).oregano oil for killing parasites

How to Kill Parasites Naturally

Many people use Oregano Oil for killing parasites. However, another strong anti-paratitic is Clove Oil. Apart from being a strong natural parasite killer, Clove Essential Oil is also a very powerful antioxidant. You could Clove Oil with Oregano OilLemon Essential Oil is also commonly used.

More Ways to Kill Parasites Naturally

Black walnut and Pumpkin Seeds are also commonly used in anti-parasitic strategies. Herbal Fiberblend contains these along with a heap of other powerful herbs that will get rid of constipation and encrusted fecal build-up on the colon wall removing the ‘home’ for worms and parasites.  It will also improve the transit time of food making it impossible for new infestations of worms and parasites.  The herbs in HFB kill any existing worms and parasites that may already be in your system.

Parasite herbs including Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood and Cloves, Boldo Leaves, Butternilk Bark, Cramp Bark, Garlic, Grapfruit Seed, Kamala, Male Fern Root, Neem, Peppermint, Pumpkin Seed, Sweet Annie, Thyme and White Oak Bark. These can all be found in Para 90.  If you are interested in this product, please contact me.

Fasting with bone or vegetable broth with plenty of garlic and onions is a great anti-parasitic approach. Fermented drinks contain organic acids and enzymes that help to create an unpleasant environment for parasite development. These include Kombucha Tea, Coconut Kefir, fermented whey from grass-fed cows or from Milk Kefir, apple cider vinegar and fermented  ginger, oregano, garlic, etc.

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